What the ASC can do for you

The ASC works with all stakeholders in the seafood value chain, farmers, processors, traders, distributors, retail and food service companies and ultimately consumers.

 Find out what the ASC can do for you…

Fish farmers

Your ASC label will change your standing among peers, partners and customers:

  • Be seen to lead the way with your environmentally responsible, socially aware business model.
  • Gain new opportunities and access new markets.
  • Get involved alongside all these major players - our partners and supporters.


The ASC programme helps enhance your industry standing:
  • Allows you to collectively share certification and costs.
  • Provides a credible label that brings added value and access to new markets.
  • Creates operational efficiencies.


ASC gives you absolute security and reassurance:

  • The fish you procure is farmed with the utmost care for people and the environment.
  • ASC labelled seafood can be traced back through the supply chain to a responsibly managed fish farm.
  • Provides a responsible, certified and secure supply of fish that meet your CSR goals.

Retail and foodservice companies                              

 ASC certified seafood gives your customers a credible, responsible product and market assurances:

  • The ASC label creates customer loyalty and meets the growing demand for responsibly produced products.
  • Because ASC is synonymous with responsibly produced products, the label creates competitive advantage.
  • All these companies  have already publicly supported the ASC or are involved in pilot projects.


ASC promotes responsible aquaculture supply chains that will meet millennium goals:

  • ASC certified farms will conform to the Millennium Development Goals associated with gender equality, environmental sustainability and global partnership.
  • Promoting operating efficiencies and market access for smallholders will improve livelihoods and food security.
  •  Governments can directly support the work of the ASC as seen through the work of IDH.


How can ASC support you?

  • If you're interested in inspiring and mainstreaming responsible aquaculture, ASC is your partner to create real change on the water.
  • The ASC has the network and the business model to create market incentives that promote demand for responsibly farmed seafood.


How can we help you?

Just give us a call on +31 30 239 3110  to tell us how we can help you. Or you can email us at info@asc-aqua.org for more information.




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