What does the ASC logo look like?

The ASC logo comprises eight elements, which may not be separated from each other or altered in any way.


A - ‘Farmed Responsibly'
This phrase communicates the meaning of the ASC logo. Appropriate translations into different languages are available from ecolabel@msc.org. Where translations for a particular language do not exist, please submit alternatives for approval to ecolabel@msc.org

B - ASC initials
The letters ASC are the abbreviation of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, the owner of the logo.
C - Certified
This word communicates that the product bearing the logo has successfully undertaken an independent assessment against one of the ASC's farm standards.

D - www.ascaqua.org
The ASC's website address must always be displayed in its whole form, as shown here.  

E - Fish logo
The outlined fish, pointing to the left and turning to depict motion must always be displayed.

F - TM
The letters TM indicate that this logo is a trademark. Registration of the ASC trademark is already approved in many countries.

G - Checkmark
The distinctive checkmark boldly bisects the logo and is a distinctive signal underpinning the integrity and credibility of the certification process.

H - White keyline
A white keyline around the perimeter of the logo should always be displayed.


More information about the ASC logo can be found in the ASC Logo User Guide

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