Cost for using the ASC logo

The cost associated with using the ASC logo follows the cost structure of the MSC. They are split into two categories: an Annual fee and Royalties.

Annual fee
The annual fee is paid by most of the suppliers, stores and foodservice operations that use the ASC logo. The fee is calculated based on the total value of ASC certified products your company handles on a yearly basis.

Royalties are paid by companies that use the ASC logo on consumer facing (retail) products. They are charged at a tiered rate starting at 0.5% of the value of ASC certified products sold.

Download the ASC Costs Document for guidance for your company.

No fee
Certified farms, non-commercial organisations without foodservice operations, the media and accredited educational institutions do not have to pay fees or royalties to use the ASC logo.

The ASC does not charge a fee for media use of the ASC logo.

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