ASC logo

Show your customers that your fish comes from a certified responsible aquaculture source by using the ASC logo on packaging or marketing materials. Each time you use the logo you need permission and a logo license from the ASC.


Download the ASC Logo User Guide to direct you through the whole process.


Why use the ASC logo?

Find out how the ASC logo - the most trusted and recognised indicator of responsible aquaculture - adds value to your brand.


What does the ASC logo look like?

To suit your packaging needs the ASC logo is available in different formats and languages.


Logo rules for different user groups

The ASC logo is a trademark owned by the ASC - all use of the logo must comply with these requirements.


How to get a copy of the ASC logo?

The ASC logo is a registered trademark and you must have an logo license to use it. Apply now for a license


The ASC claim

When the ASC logo is used on a seafood product the ASC claim must be displayed. The claim is short text that explains the logo.


Cost for using the ASC logo

Find our how much it will cost to use the ASC logo


ASC Marketing Toolkit

The marketing toolkit helps ASC's partners create campaigns that promotes their commitment to responsibly farmed seafood.


Report misuse of the ASC logo

If you know of a case where the ASC logo is being misused.


Contact us

We're here to help you through the process and help you make the most of using the ASC logo - see our contact details.


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