ASC Core Standard Development

Expected completion: 2017/2018
Contact person:
Iain Pollard

The ASC Core Standard is being developed to align the current 8 farm standards' content together. This process of harmonisation is necessary in order to improve consistency and efficiency of the ASC's standards. And these aligned standards will be the future building block for adding new species to the ASC's program. It aims to deliver a higher level of consistency across the current standards, provide greater clarity to farmers, auditors and other external stakeholders, and will allow the ASC to expand its reach and impact in a more effective and efficient manner.


Last update: 20-04-2017

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Project timeline & important dates
First Public consultation

Project timeline & important dates


 This is a tentative timeline of events. Changes may occur in the planning of this project.

First public consultation


There are currently no documents open to public consultation.

  • Closed - Public consultation on the first draft of the ASC Harmonised Standard
    19 August - 19 October 2016

The ASC is seeking stakeholder feedback on the first draft of a proposed Core Standard of indicators. This document harmonises Principles, Rationale, Criteria and Indicators from the 7 current ASC species standards of Salmon, Trout, Pangasius, Tilapia, Shrimp, bivalves, abalone (the draft seriola/cobia standard is also being considered and will be included when finalised). Agreeing a common set of indicators is the first step (Phase 1) in creating a Core Standard that will lead to harmonisation of ASC's standards. Once these are agreed then the second step is to agree harmonised applicability, requirements and methods that will finalise the Core Standard and species specific annexes. The species specific annexes will set out requirements for a given species or species group where harmonisation cannot be achieved.

A key has been provided that shows how the principles and indicators from each of the 7 current ASC species specific standards have been harmonised into the Core Standard. The purpose of grouping these indicators is to rationalise and simplify the standards making them common wherever possible. This of course means that some detail is lost when multiple indicators across multiple standards is merged into one Core indicator. And although detail in the description may be lost the rigour of the standard, its intent and the requirement level is not changed at all at this stage. All the requirements, applicability, methods remain the same for the species and these will be discussed during consultation Phase 2.

The consultation package includes:

  1. Introductory paper
  2. FIRST DRAFT - ASC Harmonised Standard
  3. Key showing how the principles and indicators from each of the 7 current ASC species specific standards have been harmonised
  4. FAQ ASC Harmonisation
  5. ASC Core Standard public submission form




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