Auditor Training Courses 2017

ASC Auditor Training Courses

ASC provides auditor training courses related to the ASC Farm Standards.

Participation and successful completion of this training is a mandatory requirement of the ASC Accreditation Process.

Schedule for the ASC Auditor Training Courses 2017 is given below.

Last update: 16-3-2017

ASC Standard:
Location" Registration closes:
1-2 April 2017
Salmon Tokyo 21 March 2017
3-4 April 2017
Shrimp Tokyo 21 March 2017
5-7 April 2017 Seriola/Cobia Tokyo
21 March 2017
10-12 April 2017 Freshwater Trout Guangzhou 24 March 2017
12-14 April 2017 Bivalves Guangzhou
24 March 2017
17-19 April 2017 Shrimp Guangzhou 24 March 2017
26-28 June 2017 Bivalves
Santiago de Chile
9 June 2017
28-30 June 2017
Santiago de Chile
9 June 2017
3-5 July 2017 Salmon
Santiago de Chile
9 June 2017
6-8 July 2017
Shrimp Santiago de Chile
9 June 2017
2-4 October 2017 Freshwater Trout Stirling 15 September 2017
4-6 October 2017
Bivalves Stirling 15 September 2017
9-11 October 2017 
Salmon Stirling 15 September 2017


  • There are currently no training courses scheduled for the ASC Pangasius Standard v1.0, as well as for the ASC Abalone Standard v1.0.
    In case you are interested to receive training for either one of these standards, please contact ASC via
  • ASC also offers in-house training courses. For more information, please contact ASC via


Registration conditions:

  1. Registration can be done using this registration form.
  2. Registration is ONLY valid after receiving payment confirmation.
  3. Registrations are based on first come, first serve (max. 20 participants per training) *)
  4. Cancellation of participation is possible, but reimbursement of payment is not possible.

*) If ASC receives <5 registrations for a particular training, an alternative location might be chosen depending on the participants preference


Trained auditors overview

Last update: 21-09-2016

A list of auditors who have successfully completed the training in the various ASC standards can be found in the following list:

The information found in the list above is provided for general information purposes only. Please note that information may be incomplete, outdated, or contain inaccuracies. If you find that this information is inaccurate or missing, please let us know by sending a message to

We respect the privacy of the auditors and therefore their contact details are not included in the list. If you would like to seek out their services, please contact us at and we will forward your request to the specified auditor.

You can also contact us if you require further information on the availability of auditors in different regions or have any further questions.

The list of all ASC-accredited Certification Bodies can be found here:

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