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The ASC Certification process reflects the organisation's values of openness, inclusiveness and transparency.

ASC Certification Steps explained

  1. The farm contracts an accredited certifier and an audit date is scheduled.
  2. The audit date is publicly announced on the ASC website for at least 30 days in advance to allow stakeholders to provide stakeholder comments.
  3. Audit is conducted.
  4. The draft audit report* is made public on the ASC website during 15 working days for stakeholder comments.
  5. Certification decision is taken based on audit findings and stakeholder input(s).
  6. The final audit report* and, if applicable, certificate are made public on the ASC website. Also farms that either do not pass for certification, or decided to withdraw from the process, are listed here.

* Commercially sensitive information may be put in a dedicated annex of the audit report. This information will not be disclosed publicly. In the report it will be clearly mentioned which type of information was put in the annex.

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  • Certified farms, or postponed/withdrawn certification decisions (step 6 above)






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