How to get a copy of the ASC logo?

The logo approval process for commercial use of the ASC logo is set out below.

To request the ASC logo for non-commercial use contact:

Media can apply to use the ASC logo with the ASC Logo Media Use Request Form


ASC logo approval process

1. Sign a Logo Licence Agreement
Your company and the ASC sign a Logo Licence Agreement. You can apply for a Logo Licence Agreement by emailing The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) will act as the ASC's agents regarding the licensing and administration of the ASC logo.

The Logo Licence team will then provide you with a high-resolution copy of the ASC logo in one of the following formats: EPS, PDF, JPG

The logo must not be forwarded on to any third parties, except designers who require it to design packaging or associated promotional materials.

2. Add ASC logo to materials
Incorporate the ASC logo and associated items into the design of your materials, following the guidelines in this document and any additional guidelines that apply to your user group. See who can use the ASC logo

3. Submit proofs
Submit the following to  
-    Colour proofs of materials carrying the ASC logo preferably in PDF format. If this is packaging please send the final draft design of the entire pack.
-    A completed Product Approval Form; (a template PAF can be obtained from

4. Get approval
Once design has been agreed, the Logo Licence team will send you written approval of the logo use. Only at this stage can you print your materials.

5. Send materials to the Logo Licence team
Once printed, send samples of the ASC labelled materials to

6. Product promotion
Once approved, your product  may be promoted directly on the ASC website or, with permission, through other media

More information about how to obtain a copy of the ASC logo can also be found in the ASC Logo User Guide that can be downloaded by clicking here.

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