Provide input!

The ASC encourages all relevant stakeholders to provide input on farm certification decisions.

For relevant stakeholders there are two moments to provide input:

  1. During the audit announcement (30 day period)
  2. During the draft audit report phase (15 working day period)

How to provide input?

  1. Find the farm under assessment on which you want to provide input
  2. Check if you can provide input (as indicated above)
  3. Find the contact details of the certifier in the related document(s)
  4. Contact the certifier and provide your input

If this remains unheard, contact Accreditation Services International. If this still remains unheard, please contact ASC.

If you want to provide input on non-certification matters, please read this.

For more information, please contact the ASC Office (+31 30 239 3110) or send an e-mail to

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