Reviewing standards and documents for consultation

Last update: 25-09-2015


Update on revision of the ASC's Certification and Accreditation RequirementS (CAR)


The public consultation period lasted from July 17 - August 14 2015.


 No. of commenting organisations  1
 CABs  2
 AB  1
 Other schemes  2
 NGOs  5  (1 and a consortium of 4)
 Total no. of comments  240
 general comments  29
 CAR Part A  45
 CAR Part B  90
 Vocabulary  20
 Qualification & Competencies  17
 Audit report template
 Comments processing period  17.08 - 10.09.2015
 TAG endorsement  17.09.2015

All comments were carefully considered, and some were followed up with additional calls for further clarification. The resulting CAR version 2.0 has been endorsed by the ASC's Technical Advisory Group (TAG) last week (17.09.2015) and now being finalised to be sent to ASC's Supervisory Board for final approval, and will be officially launched soon after.


This list of original comments does NOT yet include ASC's responses as to how each comment has been taken into account in the CAR version 2.0. But once it has been officially approved by the Board, an updated list of comments WITH ASC's responses will be published on the ASC website.


List of original comments on draft CAR V.2.0






ASC Certification and Accreditation Requirements (CAR) v.2.0 is now open for Public Consultation from 17.07 - 14.08.2015.



Documents to be used for public consultation:


1. CAR v.1 and v.2 comparison with track changes version

 2. CAR v.1 and v.2 comparison clean version

 3. CAR v.2.0 Annex C - Excel audit report template with several worksheets. This file is not protected so that you can test and see how it works. This audit report template uses the ASC Pangasius Standard as an example for auditors to evaluate applicant practices against the standard requirements. 

 4. List of major changes with reasons

 5. CAR v.2.0 Public comment form. This has six worksheets corresponding to the major sections of the revised CAR. The texts in blue are newly inserted in the revised CAR. Please send us your comments using this form

The public consultation closes on 14 August. Your voice matters!









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