Complaints and objections procedures


Last update: 21-07-2014

Objections Procedure - related to specific certification process(es)

The ASC methodology offers relevant stakeholder (e.g. those directly affected by a farm's operation) the possibility to provide input at various moments in the ASC certification process. The auditor must take this information into account when assessing the farm, including when making the certification decision. Although the ASC's procedures have been developed to be as fair, inclusive and transparent as possible, different views may arise. In these cases stakeholders can make use of the ASC objections procedure as set out below:

1)     Stakeholder contacts the Certification Assessment Body (CAB) to share his/her objection. Parties shall initially strive to settle this in an informal manner, e.g. by providing additional, clarifying information.

2)     If Stakeholder and CAB cannot reach agreement informally, Stakeholder can file an official objection with the CAB, using this CAB's procedure (which all ASC accredited CABs must have in place). This procedure will is expected to result in a satisfying solution in the majority of the cases.

3)     If Stakeholder and CAB cannot reach agreement by means of the CAB's procedure, Stakeholder can file a complaint against the CAB with Accreditation Services International (ASI). Procedure can be found at the ASI website:

ASC's full objections procedure (under development)

Complaints Procedure - related to the ASC organisation, its standards etc.

For complaints against the ASC organisation, which are not related to specific certification process(es), the ASC Complaints Procedure can be used.
Complaints procedure


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