In the media



Charles cathes up with salmon farmers

13 October 2016



Fish Information & Services

Aquaculture rules fail to protect wild salmon, study concludes

12 October 2016 


New Glasgow Newspaper

The eco-conscious consumer: seafood

02 August 2016



Netuno tilapia, Visir cod among sustainable seafood options for Rio 2016

01 August 2016

Former Cermaq CEO talks Chile salmon farming, recent GSI additions

23 June 2016


Nation's Restaurant News

Joining together for sustainable seafood

21 June 2016



ASC welcomes Netuno as first farm in Brazil to gain certification

03 June 2016


The Guardian

Reeling it in: global sustainable seafood market hits $11.5bn

11 May 2016

Farmed salmon leaders make strides toward 2020 sustainability goal

06 May 2016


The Fish Site

ASC Releases Terms of Reference for Marine Finfish Standard Development

02 May 2016

Hilton, IKEA, Carrefour back MSC, ASC certifications

28 April 2016



WWF applauds global salmon certification progress

28 April 2016



Sustainability a growing business

28 April 2016



ASC launches pilot aimed at speeding barramundi, bass, bream standard development

27 April 2016


World Fishing

ASC releases ToR for marine finfish standard development

27 April 2016



MSC and ASC reveal market growth for sustainably sourced seafood

27 April 2016



Aeon starts selling first ASC-certified Chilean coho from Ventisqueros

27 April 2016



Marine Harvest First to Feature New ASC Marketing Toolkit at Seafood Expo Global

26 April 2016


World Fishing

Marine Harvest uses new ASC Marketing Toolkit in Brussels

26 April 2016



How to Be a More Sustainable Grocery Shopper

April 2016


Fine Cooking

What You Need to Know When Buying Shrimp?

April 2016


Food & Beverage Asia

Demand for Responsibly Produced Seafood Sees Rise of Environmental Certifications

April/May 2016


Aquaculture Asia Pacific

Certified to win more markets

March/April 2016


AP Food Online

Catering To Consumer Demands For Meaningful Clean Labels

March 2016



Myhre: ASC certification can unlock business for salmon farmers

February 2016


The Fish Site

Heidefisch Becomes First German trout farm to achieve ASC certification

February 2016



First German trout farm to achieve ASC ecolabel

February 2016


FischMagazin (German)

Ökologisch, sozial,
nachhaltig - aber nicht
qualitativ besser

January 2015


FishMagazin (English)

Ecological, social, sustainable -
but not necessarily better in quality

January 2015



TK -18 (German)

Shrimps un Austern neu beim ASC

November 2014


TK -18 (English)

Shrimps and Oyster under the remit of ASC

November 2014

International Business Times

Doubling Fish Farming Industry to Meet Global Demand Must be Done Responsibly: Aquaculture Tsar Interview

18 July 2014


Innovation Showcase

Launched 2 April 2014


Fischmagazin (German)

Der erste Lachs mit ASC-Zertifikat wird in Bremen vorgestellt

Issue 2 / 2014

Fischmagazin (English)

ASC Salmon Launch- Interview with Chris Ninnes

Issue 2 / 2014


De Standaard

Vietnamese moddervis wordt schoon

12 November 2013


International Innovation

Aquaculture Stewardship Council: Interview with Chris Ninnes

29 October 2013

OneWorld (Dutch)

Rotte vis?

May 2013

Fish Farmer Magazine

Improving Pangasius Standards in the Mekong

April 2013

Q&A: Aquaculture Stewardship Council CEO

29 March 2013

ASC transforms Vietnam pangasius industry

5 March 2013



The Big Panga by Mac van Dinther (English translation)

3 April 2013



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