Get Ready for ASC Farm Certification (Aquaculture Operations)

ASC is quickly approaching the launch of its Farm Certification programme in early 2012. If you are a farmer and interested in becoming ASC certified, we strongly recommend that you start preparing  for certification.

By following these steps you will be well-prepared for entering the ASC certification process:

1. Read the ASC Standard and Auditor Manual for your respective species. You can download the documents by clicking here.

2. Contract a certifier that will assess your farm. Make sure the certifier has been accredited to certify against the ASC Standards by Accreditation Service International (ASI). We recommend that you ask multiple certifiers to submit quotes for the work. A list of accredited certifiers will be published on ASC's website here once accreditation has been opened. Apply for an audit by contacting the certifier directly. The certification process starts when a certifier has been appointed.

3. Prepare for the audit of your farm. During the audit, you must be able to demonstrate to the certifier that your farm uses methods and has processes in place that are compliant with the relevant ASC Standard. If these cannot be fully demonstrated you may need to implement improvements to your farm or your processes in advance of the assessment being concluded. In other instances improvements may be required to be fulfilled over the period of certification.

Further information about the farm certification process can be found on ASC's website under Get Certified! Farms


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