ASC auditor training announced

ASC will organise auditor training for seven of its standards species - abalone, bivalves, freshwater trout, pangasius, salmon, shrimp and tilapia- during the fourth quarter of 2013 worldwide. Successful participation is a mandatory requirement to become an accredited auditor.
Only accredited certification bodies are allowed to conduct farm audits against the ASC Standards. Certifiers who wants to be accredited should contact Accreditation Service International (ASI).

Who should attend the training?
Auditors from applicant certification bodies that aim to be accredited for the ASC Standard for abalone, bivalves, freshwater trout, pangasius, salmon, shrimp and/or tilapia.

Date and time
Pangasius             25-27 September
Bivalves                 7-9 October
Salmon                 10-12 October
Freshwater Trout  16-18 October
Abalone                18-20 November
Shrimp                  2-4 December
Tilapia                   5-7 December

The location is confirmed for:

  1. Pangasius; Can Tho, Vietnam
  2. Freshwater Trout; Copenhagen, Denmark
  3. Shrimp; Bangkok, Thailand
  4. Tilapia; Bangkok, Thailand

For the remaining three, the choice of location will depend on the preference of the participants:

  1. Bivalves; Chile OR France/UK
  2. Salmon; Chile OR UK
  3. Abalone; France OR South-Africa

1,050 Euro for three days.

The cost covers training materials, teaching by a professional and experienced trainer, exam participation, lunch including drinks for three days. Not included in the price is travel cost, accommodation and other related expenditures.

To register for the training, or for more information, please email by the following dates:

  • Bivalves & Salmon: until Friday 6 September
  • Pangasius, until Friday 13 September
  • Freshwater Trout: until Friday 4 October
  • Abalone: until Friday 25 October
  • Shrimp & Tilapia: until Friday 15 November

Number of participants are limited and is based on a first come, first served basis.





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