The ASC's mission is to transform aquaculture towards environmental sustainability and social responsibility using efficient market mechanisms that create value across the chain. 

Responsible aquaculture
17|07|2014      ASC certified trout soon in the market

Danforel’s Christiansminde Freshwater Farm in Denmark has become the first farm certified to the ASC Freshwater Trout Standard for responsible aquaculture.

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15|07|2014      REWE increases selection of ASC certified products
REWE is increasing its range of ASC labelled seafood with the introduction of its Goldlocke product, which is made from ASC certified tilapia.
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09|07|2014      Hong Kong Sustainable Seafood Guide helps consumers choose responsibly farmed fish
Seafood consumers in Hong Kong can now enjoy shopping for responsibly farmed fish with the help of the latest edition of the Sustainable Seafood Guide. For the first time, the guide includes information about the ASC logo for responsible aquaculture.
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