The Aquaculture Stewardship Council gears up for Operational Phase

Posted on December 10th 2010

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) seeks nominations for the expansion of its Supervisory Board and a permanent CEO for the next phase of its development. Aquaculture will only realise its…

Last public comment period for draft shrimp standards kicks off

Posted on December 1st 2010

The final step in the process of creating global standards for responsible shrimp aquaculture began today – December 1 – when the Shrimp Aquaculture Dialogue (ShAD) kicked off the last…

FRoSTA supports the Pangasius standards

Posted on November 3rd 2010

FRoSTA, the market leader for frozen meals in Germany and one of the largest producers of frozen foods in Europe, issued a statement in which they express their support for…

Salmon Aquaculture Dialogue met to start revising draft standards

Posted on November 3rd 2010

The Salmon Aquaculture Dialogue met in Saint John, New Brunswick (Canada) this week to discuss draft standards to improve the environmental and social sustainability of the salmon aquaculture industry. After…

Tilapia farm in Honduras first to be compliant with Aquaculture Dialogue Standards

Posted on October 22nd 2010

Regal Springs Tilapia farm Aquafinca in Honduras was the first aquaculture operation to be audited for compliance with the International Standards for Responsible Tilapia Aquaculture (ISRTA), which were completed last…

Global Abalone aquaculture standards completed

Posted on October 14th 2010

Global standards addressing the potential negative impacts of abalone farming on the environment and society were finalised today by the Abalone Aquaculture Dialogue, a roundtable of a broad range of…

DKSH supports the ASC

Posted on October 1st 2010

DKSH, the leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on Asia, further strengthens its commitment to sustainable seafood. DKSH’s seafood business, a part of Business Unit Performance Materials, a…

The ASC appoints ASI as their accreditation body

Posted on September 15th 2010

Today the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) announces the appointment of Accreditation Services International (ASI) as their independent accreditation body. This demonstrates the ASC’s progress towards its core task, the management of…

Global Pangasius and Bivalve Aquaculture Standards completed

Posted on August 31st 2010

Two sets of global sustainability standards – one for pangasius farming and the other for bivalve farming – were finalised today by the Aquaculture Dialogues. They were developed over the…

Global Salmon Aquaculture Dialogue Standards released for public comment

Posted on August 3rd 2010

Draft standards to improve the environmental and social sustainability of the salmon aquaculture industry were released today for the first of two public comment periods. They are the product of…

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