First ASC Certified Farmed Tilapia Now Available

Posted on August 20th 2012

On August 20, the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) celebrated the market launch of its global, independent trademark for responsibly farmed seafood. Tilapia from Indonesia is the first farmed fish to…

First fish farms ASC certified

Posted on August 16th 2012

On 15 August 2012 the first ASC-certificates were handed to PT Aquafarm Nusantara (Regal Springs Group) for two farm locations: Toba Farm (Sumatra) and Kedung Ombo (Java). These tilapia farms…

First certifier accredited for ASC-certification for fish farms

Posted on August 14th 2012

Today it was announced that Swiss headquartered certification body IMO is the first to be accredited to certify fish farms against the ASC Tilapia Standard. This standard for responsible aquaculture…

ASC Aquaculture Newsflash August

Posted on August 10th 2012

ASC Aquaculture Newsflash for August is out now! Download it and read more about all achievements that the ASC has achieved over the last couple of months. To download the…

Call for Tender: the development of the ASC”s auditor training programme

Posted on August 7th 2012

On the 7th of August the ASC launched a call for tenders from suitably qualified companies to develop the ASC auditor training programme. Further details can be found in the…

Salmon Standard handed over to ASC

Posted on June 13th 2012

Today the Salmon Aquaculture Dialogue handed over the global salmon standard for responsible farming to the ASC. This marks a further and major milestone for the ASC, who earlier this…

ASC Launches Accreditation for Pangasius

Posted on April 24th 2012

Today the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) launched its second[1] standard into the market with the opening of its accreditation  process for Pangasius. Certifiers can now apply to become accredited; when…

ASC’s new consumer label for responsibly farmed fish

Posted on April 17th 2012

Today, the ASC’s consumer label for responsibly farmed seafood was presented. The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) manages standards for responsible aquaculture. Products bearing the ASC label come from fish farms…

ASC Launches Accreditation for Tilapia

Posted on March 21st 2012

Today the ASC launched its first standard into the market with the opening of its accreditation process for Tilapia. Certifiers can now apply to become accredited; when successfully concluded this…

First ASC Farm audit announced for Tilapia!

Posted on February 25th 2012

The first ASC Farm audit has been announced for Tilapia. The audit is scheduled for March and will take place Indonesia. For more information and to download a list of the…

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