Japanese Companies Work Together to Bring Responsible Seafood to Employees

Posted on April 21st 2020

Increasing the availability of responsibly produced seafood isn’t just about supermarkets and restaurants – and in Japan, a growing number of organisations are providing their employees with the option to…

New Videos to Help Teach Staff About Chain of Custody Certification

Posted on March 26th 2020

New training videos will help managers train their staff working at fresh fish counters in retail and in the foodservice sector learn about the Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard and…

Recipes Quizzes and Songs to Celebrate Australian Sustainable Seafood Week

Posted on March 20th 2020

Australians enjoyed another successful celebration of responsible seafood with the 12th annual Sustainable Seafood Week last week, which even had its own specially composed anthem sung by a choir. The…

COVID-19: ASC Updates Audit Policy to Provide Flexibility to Auditors and Farms

Posted on March 19th 2020

ASC has published an updated audit policy to provide some flexibility to auditors and farms during the restrictions caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In response to the outbreak, travel…

ASC Launches Public Consultation for Operational Review of Shrimp Standard

Posted on March 13th 2020

 ASC has launched a public consultation seeking feedback on the current operational review of the ASC Shrimp Standard. ASC conducts regular operational reviews to ensure the continued relevance and efficiency…

New Statistics Show Widespread Concern over Plastic Pollution as France Celebrates Semaine de la Pêche Responsable

Posted on February 27th 2020

New research released today by Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) has revealed that three quarters of French seafood consumers buy from producers that are minimising plastic waste, and the same number…

ASC Shrimp Standard Recognised by Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative

Posted on February 17th 2020

The ASC’s Shrimp Standard has been recognised by the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI), a seafood certification industry benchmark. The GSSI benchmark is based on United Nations Food and Agricultural…

New Geographic Information Systems to Boost ASC Commitment to Transparency and Rigour

Posted on February 5th 2020

As part of ASC’s drive to improve transparency and accountability, from today (5 February) ASC certified farms will be required to provide additional geospatial data as part of annual (surveillance)…

Two Thirds of Seafood Consumers Call For “Radical or Significant” Change to Feed Growing Population

Posted on January 29th 2020

A major survey of seafood consumers across seven countries in Europe, Asia, and North America has found widespread concern about the environmental and social impacts of food, with two thirds…

New Collaboration Helps Small Scale Farmers Adopt More Responsible Practices

Posted on January 23rd 2020

Three of the leading organisations in responsible aquaculture have teamed up to help farmers adopt more responsible practices, simplify choices for retailers and consumers, and make better use of their…

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