Find out why aquaculture – the production of farmed seafood, has a critical role to play in helping end world hunger and malnutrition, why aquaculture needs to be carried out responsibly and how you can help make farmed seafood a sustainable and responsible choice.

What is the ASC?

The ASC is a certification programme and seafood label that is helping to address some of the most pressing consumer, social and environmental challenges of our time.

Why is aquaculture important?

Aquaculture can be a climate friendly, healthy and nutritious source of protein readily available to billions of people around the world.

Why do we need responsible aquaculture?

Just like all farming, if it is done excessively or irresponsibly aquaculture can lead to disease outbreaks, the use of potentially harmful chemicals and the overuse of antibiotics.

How does buying ASC labelled seafood change things?

When you buy ASC certified seafood you reward responsible farmers and increase the demand for responsibly farmed fish.

Is the ASC a credible standard?

Not only was ASC developed by a diverse group of experts from NGOs, academia, and industry, its standards are independently audited and publicly available for everyone to view.

How can we be sure the ASC certification is making improvements?

For more than 10 years, ASC certified farms have developed rigorous and accessible improvement plans providing a verified track record of delivering change at a global scale, and their performance has been made publicly available thanks to ASC audits.

How ASC can help you eat seafood responsibly

The ASC label only appears on food from farms that have been independently assessed and certified as being environmentally and socially responsible, so you can be sure that seafood bearing our logo is a good choice.

Further questions?

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