The aquaculture industry employs 20.5 million people worldwide!

It is imperative that organisations such as the ASC provide ways to help protect the welfare of the people who work in the seafood sector and the communities who may be affected by aquaculture activities. No matter what country or company is involved, ASC certification imposes strict requirements based on the core principles of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). These include:

As a supporting member of the GLWC Action Network, ASC is committed to alignment on living wage definitions and measurement and to supporting the production and use of high quality living wage estimates.

Certification to the ASC standards also helps ensure:

Health and Safety at farms
Farms must provide safe environments and workplace health and safety training. When an accident happens, it must be recorded and investigated thoroughly and preventative measures taken. Employers must also prove they are insured to cover 100 per cent of workers costs when a job-related accident or injury occurs.

Fair wages and contracts
Farms must demonstrate they are working toward paying a basic needs wage, not just meeting minimum wage, by sharing a transparent mechanism for wage-setting and a labour conflict resolution. Additionally, contracts must ensure transparency between the employer and employee and cannot be used to avoid paying benefits or to deny other rights.

Community consultation
A farm must respond to concerns that arise in communities located near the farm and to concerns related to the farm’s overall operations, including indigenous communities.

Fair grievance and disciplinary procedures
Companies must have a clear labour conflict resolution policy in place for the presentation, treatment and resolution of worker grievances in a confidential manner. Additionally, a certified farm shall never employ threatening, humiliating or punishing disciplinary practices that negatively impact a worker’s physical and mental health or dignity. Wage or financial deductions as a means of disciplinary action is also unacceptable.

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