ISEAL is an organisation driving improvements in certification programmes. Their Codes of Good Practice were developed through consultation with more than 400 stakeholders and are widely considered to represent the core values and practices on which credible and effective sustainability standards are built.

Currently, the ASC is the only aquaculture certification programme to meet the ISEAL Codes of Good Practice:

  • The ISEAL Standard-setting Code – requires multi-stakeholder consultation and decision-making, and ensures clear and auditable conditions in the standard itself
  • The ISEAL Assurance Code – encourages assurance that is rigorous and accessible, ensuring accurate and transparent results
  • The ISEAL Impacts Code – provides standards with a roadmap to measure progress against sustainability goals and to improve practices over time

Over 140 organisations around the world actively support ISEAL including businesses, government agencies, NGOs and consultants. Working together they are strengthening certification programmes for the benefit of people and the environment.



The ISEAL credibility principles provide a guide for any certification programme that assesses environmental sustainability and social responsibility.


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