Staff at ASC’s headquarters in Utrecht were treated to a delicious ceviche featuring ASC certified shrimp, courtesy of Marcelo Hidalgo, ASC Standard Coordinator.

Marcelo whipped up his signature dish, a shrimp ceviche, in the office kitchen, using ASC certified products. ASC staff are no strangers to seafood, but all were impressed with Marcelo’s handiwork.

Now, one of Marcelo’s old friends has shared their own recipe for ceviche – inspired by her time with Marcelo in his native Ecuador – for anyone who wants to try this delicious dish for themselves after being inspired by these mouth-watering pictures.

Ceviche is a traditional South American dish with a number of variants, but traditionally involving fish served cold in citrus juices and spices. The history of the dish is unknown, but different countries in South America have different traditional dishes, with a particularly diverse range in Ecuador, Columbia, Chile, and Peru.

Marcelo’s ceviche involved cooked shrimp marinated in lime juice, with red onion and tomatoes, and served with tortilla chips, fajitas, and avocado.

“Coming from Ecuador, growing up near the coast, I have always loved seafood – cooking it and eating it, and it’s my family tradition to eat this ceviche on weekends,” said Marcelo. “I’ve been lucky enough to work in the seafood industry for twenty years, and I’ve never grown tired of sharing my favourite foods with friends and colleagues. To be able to make this traditional Ecuadorian dish for my colleagues in The Netherlands using responsibly produced ASC certified shrimp was a real honour.”

But how did the dish go down with Marcelo’s colleagues at ASC headquarters? It may have been a free lunch, but ASC employees are passionate about seafood and a tough crowd to impress. The piles of empty dishes, bowls and plates were a good indicator that the ceviche was a big hit – not to mention bad news for whoever had to do the washing up…

Inspired to try some ceviche? You can find a delicious recipe inspired by Marcelo here [external website]. And for even more delicious recipes for ASC certified shrimp, salmon, and much more, see our recipe pages.


Published on
Tuesday, 03 December 2019
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