Certificate Holder
Type of Certificate Holder Farm
Company Cermaq Norway
Country Norway
Main contact Silje Ramsvatn
E-mail silje.ramsvatn@cermaq.com
Certification Details
ASC certification code ASC00362
Status Certified
Valid from April 6, 2021
Valid until April 5, 2024
CAB Bureau Veritas Certification Denmark A/S
ASC Standard
Type of certification
Farm name Status Species Address GIS
10660 Skinnstakkvika Farm
Certified Salmo salar (Atlantic salmon) 0660 Skinnstakkvika – Cermaq Norway AS - Norway, Finnmark County, Ma°søy Municipality. 70°53,325N / Show on map
Associated Document(s)
Document Type Associated audit Date Published Download
Initial Audit Report – Draft Initial Audit January 12, 2017 Available in English
Initial Audit Report – Final Initial Audit February 24, 2017 Available in English
Audit Announcement Surveillance 1 February 6, 2018 Available in English
Surveillance 1 Audit Report – Final Surveillance 1 June 20, 2018 Available in English
Certificate Surveillance 1 March 20, 2019 Available in English
Audit Announcement Surveillance 2 March 22, 2019 Available in English
Notice of delay or postponement Surveillance 2 October 15, 2019 Available in English
Surveillance 2 Audit Report – Final Surveillance 2 September 21, 2020 Available in English
Audit Announcement Re-certification January 13, 2021 Available in English
Re-Certification Report – Draft Re-certification March 11, 2021 Available in English
Certificate April 6, 2021 Available in English
Re-certification April 7, 2021 Available in English
Current Audit Detail
Audit Team Member(s)
Name Role 2nd Role
Kar Nazende Satir Lead auditor
Kine Mari Karlsen Team member
Mohammed Jasour Social auditor
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