Opinion piece by Chris Ninnes, ASC CEO
21 June 2021

Seafood Source
Launch of ASC’s new Feed Standard
15 June 2021

The Telegraph
Tips about sustainable seafood
11 May 2021

Ideas for cooking with shrimp
10 May 2021

Reader’s Digest
Sustainable salmon
11 April 2021

Refinery 29
Tips on sustainable spending
8 February 2021


World Economic Forum
How shrimp farming can create jobs and restore mangroves
22 October 2020

Undercurrent News
ASC’s Monitoring and Evaluating Report
6 August 2020

Iberostar Working with ASC (Spanish Language)
5 June 2020

WWF Germany Recommends to Buy ASC Certified Products (German Language)
11 May 2020

The Guardian
Benefits of sustainable seafood
9 March 2020

Fish Focus
Geospatial data to improve ASC assurance
13 February 2020

Sea West News
Sustainable seafood in Canadaa
11 February 2020

The Guardian
A guide to ethical eating
4 February 2020

Perishable News
Seafood Consumers Call For “Significant or Radical” Change
29 January 2020

Guide to assurance labels
11 January 2020


The Guardian
Tips for sustainable seafood ahead of Christmas
23 December 2019

Undercurrent News
ASC’s major report on Ghost Gear from farms
29 November 2019

The Conversation
Tips on sustainable seafood
22 October 2019

New York Times
Looking at the debate over sustainable shrimp
15 October 2019

The Guardian
Guide to seafood labels for consumers
2 October 2019

Tips about sustainable seafood aheadd of Think Fish Week [Dutch language]
23 September 2019

Undercurrent News
Loch Fyne achieves ASC certification
August 7 2019

Migros to source only ASC-certified salmon
August 6 2019

Food Holland
Increase in MSC and ASC certified seafood products [Dutch language]
4 June 2019

Undercurrent News
ASC salmon launched by Cermaq in Brazilian stores
20 May 2019

Seafood Source
Sustainable seafood week in France
30 April 2019

Seafood Source
Launch of ASC group certification
9 April 2019

European Supermarket Magazine
Responsible fish farming in Greece and the Mediterranean
29 March 2019

Undercurrent News
ASC included in Dutch government’s top ten sustainable food labels list
7 February 2019

Renewable Energy Magazine
First ASC-MSC seaweed certification
23 January 2019

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