The Telegraph
The Most Sustainable Fish To Eat Right Now, and How To Cook It
11 May 2021

6 Simple Shrimp Recipes for Dinner, Fast!
10 May 2021

Reader’s Digest
If Salmon Could Talk, Here’s What It Would Tell You
11 April 2021

Refinery 29
Sustainable Spending Goes Beyond Quitting Fast Fashion – Here’s What You Need To Know
8 February 2021


World Economic Forum
Growing Shrimp is Restoring Mangrove Forests and Creating Jobs. Here’s How
22 October 2020

Undercurrent News
ASC Certified Farms Cut Reliance on Wild-Caught Fish in Feed
6 August 2020

Iberostar on Rebuilding the Tourism Industry in a Sustainable Way and on Working with ASC (Spanish Language)
5 June 2020

WWF Germany Recommends to Buy ASC Certified Products (German Language)
11 May 2020

The Guardian
Why I Feed My Family Sustainable Seafood and Why You Should, Too
9 March 2020

Fish Focus
New ASC Process to Boost Standards
13 February 2020

Sea West News
What Canadians Want When it Comes to Seafood
11 February 2020

The Guardian
Life After Veganuary: The Ethical Guide to Eating Eggs, Meat, and Dairy
4 February 2020

Perishable News
Two Thirds of Seafood Consumers Call For “Significant or Radical” Change to Feed Growing Population
29 January 2020

11 Popular Food Assurance Labels and What They Mean
11 January 2020


The Guardian
Sustainable Seafood: How to Navigate the Seafood Market This Christmas
23 December 2019

Undercurrent News
ASC: Extreme Weather a Major Cause of ‘Ghost Gear’ From Farms
29 November 2019

The Conversation
Confusion at the fish counter: How to eat fish responsibly
22 October 2019

New York Times
What Are We Supposed to Think About Shrimp?
15 October 2019

The Guardian
How can shoppers make sense of sustainable fish labels?
2 October 2019

Think Fish Week: This is how you recognise sustainable fish [Dutch language]
23 September 2019

Undercurrent News
Loss-making Loch Fyne targets growth in US, UK retail thanks to ASC win
August 7 2019

Swiss retailer Migros to source only ASC-certified salmon; bass and bream are next
August 6 2019

Food Holland
Supply of seafood products with ASC or MSC logos increased further in 2018 [Dutch language]
4 June 2019

Undercurrent News
Cermaq launches ASC certified salmon products in Brazilian stores
20 May 2019

ASC teams with Walmart China on new seafood traceability strategy
3 May 2019

Undercurrent News
ASC, Fair Trade USA win $500,000 grant to improve Indonesian aquaculture
1 May 2019

Seafood Source
MSC, ASC sustainable seafood week in France urges consumers to eat responsibly
30 April 2019

Seafood Source
ASC introduces group certification in Vietnam
9 April 2019

European Supermarket Magazine
Paving the way for responsible aquaculture in Greece and the Mediterranean
29 March 2019

The Aquaculturists
Growing ASC presence in China celebrated as Green Life Foods welcomed to programme at Seafood Expo
19 March 2019

ASC abre un apartado de recetas por una dieta más sostenible [Spanish language]
28 February 2019

Undercurrent News
MSC, ASC make Dutch government’s top ten sustainable food labels list
7 February 2019

Bescherm de biodiversiteit van onze Noordzee
4 February 2019

Renewable Energy Magazine
Japanese algae farm receives ASC-MSC seaweed certification
23 January 2019

2018 – Online media

Undercurrent News
Ecuador execs launch ‘Sustainable Shrimp Partnership’
12 March 2018

2017 – Online media

Odlad lax – hett på tallriken (in Swedish)
19 December 2017

Margriet Magazine (NL)
Zó wordt verantwoorde zalm gekweekt (in Dutch)
10 November 2017

Knack.be Weekend (BE)
Hoe zalmkwekerijen aan hun duurzame toekomst timmeren (in Dutch)
26 September 2017

Equal Times (BE)
Mekong Delta fights for survival amidst climate change and unbridled development
15 August 2017

Bistandsaktuellt (NO)
Bærekraftig sjømat i Vietnam (in Norwegian)
10 August 2017

Klotet, Sveriges Radio (SE)
Jätteräkan tillbaka på tallriken – men håller certifieringen? (in Swedish)
21 June 2017


2016 – Online media

Netuno tilapia, Visir cod among sustainable seafood options for Rio 2016
01 August 2016

The Guardian
Reeling it in: global sustainable seafood market hits $11.5bn
11 May 2016

Farmed salmon leaders make strides toward 2020 sustainability goal
06 May 2016

Hilton, IKEA, Carrefour back MSC, ASC certifications
28 April 2016

WWF applauds global salmon certification progress
28 April 2016

Sustainability a growing business
28 April 2016

MSC and ASC reveal market growth for sustainably sourced seafood
27 April 2016

Myhre: ASC certification can unlock business for salmon farmers
February 2016


2014 – Online media

International Business Times
Doubling Fish Farming Industry to Meet Global Demand Must be Done Responsibly: Aquaculture Tsar Interview
18 July 2014


2013 – Online media

De Standaard
Vietnamese moddervis wordt schoon (in Dutch)
12 November 2013

Q&A: Aquaculture Stewardship Council CEO
29 March 2013

ASC transforms Vietnam pangasius industry
5 March 2013

The Big Panga by Mac van Dinther (English translation)
3 April 2013


Media articles about the ASC

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