ASC has launched a public consultation seeking feedback on the current operational review of the ASC Shrimp Standard.

ASC conducts regular operational reviews to ensure the continued relevance and efficiency of its standards. The reviews focus on areas where the performance of a particular standard can be updated to reflect recent scientific findings that may further improve farm performance, or to address aspects of that standards that are not as anticipated or may not deliver on the intent as set out in the ASC’s Theory of Change. As with all new standards, operational reviews involve public consultation, in line with ASC’s commitment to transparency and collaboration.

The current consultation seeks feedback to ten documents relating to proposed changes to the ASC Shrimp Standard v1.1. The changes include extending the scope of the standard to include additional freshwater crustacean species, the introduction of new indicators to assess the impacts of the new species and revised metrics for new species.

The ASC Metrics Methodology is also currently in public consultation. The Metrics Methodology document includes general definitions that will be used throughout the process of metric-setting. It aims to provide measuring and sampling guidance and define the minimum amount of data necessary for metric-setting. It will also be applicable to all species-specific metrics in the upcoming aligned ASC Farm Standard, which is currently in development.

The public consultation began on March 2 and will be open for stakeholder feedback for 62 days, closing on May 2. For more information and to take part in the consultation, visit the New Standards and Reviews page on the ASC website.

Published on
Friday, 13 March 2020
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