In the Ca Mau Province of southern Vietnam, BINCA in cooperation with its partner Thadimexco, has established the country´s first ASC certified Black Tiger shrimp farm.

Thadimexco’s Thanh Doan farms gained ASC certification in October 2014. BINCA has supported the ASC for many years and also played an active role in the WWF aquaculture dialogues. According to the Managing Director of BINCA, Peter Niedermeier, BINCA and Thadimexco share a very similar philosophy.

“BINCA’s approach is to ensure production is non-industrial, delivering natural quality products through teamwork and cooperation. Thadimexco’s company is family-run managing three smallfarms on which the shrimp are raised very extensively.

“The shrimp are nourished completely naturally and only eat what the mangroves provide. The use of antibiotics is strictly prohibited on these farms. The shrimp are harvested at night and put on ice. First thing in the morning they are driven by boat to the factory for processing.” Niedermeier said.

Among the first buyers of BINCA´s ASC certified Black Tiger shrimp are the Swiss retailer Coopand the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Singapore.

Transparent independent third party process

Thadimexco gained its ASC certification following an independent, third party assessment against the ASC Shrimp Standard conducted by the certification body Bureau Veritas.

To ensure full transparency, stakeholders have an opportunity to take part in the certification process. The announcement of a farm audit needs to be publicly visible for at least 30 days before the actual audit. The audit reports are posted on ASC’s website, and a public comment period allows for stakeholder input.

Logo for responsible aquaculture

The ASC logo helps customers make an informed choice when shopping for seafood and reassures them that their seafood purchase comes from a farm certified to the ASC standards. All ASC labelled products can be traced back through the entire supply chain to a responsible managed fish farm.

And, when a consumer chooses responsibly produced ASC certified seafood, they reward certified farms and actively contribute to preserving healthy fish stocks, protecting vulnerable coastal zones and ensuring that seafood can continue to feed a growing population in the future.

Watch a short film to find out more about Thadimexco’s farm

Published on
Monday, 10 November 2014
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