In a press release issued this week Egbert Zimmermann, Managing Director of COSTA states: “As one of the prime seafood companies in Germany we consider the activities of the ASC in line with the principles of the UN-Global Compact and support the standard setting process by actively contributing to the multi-stakeholder Aquaculture Dialogues.”

“The company will review and comment especially on the Aquaculture Dialogues’ draft standards for prawns and salmon. It is important, that the standards not only refer to environmental protection but also guarantee the basic human rights and the international acknowledged labour standards of the ILO.

“We aim by means of own on-site control and collaboration with WWF and ASC to ensure that by the end of 2011 the majority of our wild or farmed fish and seafood has been sourced from suppliers which are either certified or adhere to the principles of environmentally friendly and socially responsible production.”

COSTA is one of the prime fish and seafood companies in Germany. As a provider of premium products COSTA has committed itself to treat resources with responsibility.

Published on
Wednesday, 30 June 2010
Confidental Infomation