In a press release dated July 13, Femeg Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH from Rehna, Germany, declared its support for the ASC. Femeg  is one of the leading brands for frozen fish and seafood in Germany.

“As a supplier of seafood products we believe that we have a commitment to supply our consumers with fish from sustainable resources. Our commitment is to grow the percentage of sustainably sourced seafood that we sell, for all species, both from fisheries and farming.

“Femeg’s product portfolio is already growing year on year in number of species and volume of MSC and GlobalG.A.P. certified products and we hope to accelerate future growth by adding ASC certified species.

“Femeg Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH has a wide range of MSC certified products ….. and also wishes to supply its customers with responsibly farmed seafood from sources that are able to demonstrate that they operate with respect for the environment and social accountability, by their certification according to ASC standards, as soon as these standards are ready.

“Femeg wants to be actively involved in the development of the ASC standards for relevant new species and will, where available, promote the sale of ASC certified products as we believe the ASC standards are the standards of choice for responsible aquaculture.”

About Femeg

Founded in 1989, Femeg has developed to one of the leading brands for frozen fish and seafood in Germany. In 2009 Femeg opened a new production plant in Rehna, near Luebeck, which is one of the most modern seafood plant in Europe where convenience products and fish specialities are produced.

Published on
Wednesday, 14 July 2010
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