Coop Switzerland became the first retailer to introduce ASC certified responsibly farmed shrimp.

Since the end of November, Coop CH has offered ASC labelled shrimp in 800 stores across Switzerland.

“We are proud to be the first retailer to launch responsibly farmed shrimp globally,” said Pascal Seiler, Category Manager Coop Switzerland.

“Responsible sourcing is an integral part of our business values and a cornerstone of our success. We always strive to offer our customers the best choice in seafood. Now, they can be confident that their shrimp comes from a farm that minimise its environmental and social impact.”

Coop’s ASC certified shrimp is sourced from Binca, which imports the shrimp from Thadimexco in Vietnam.

To date, two Thadimexco farm sites have been certified to the ASC Shrimp Standard. With an annual production of 5,300 metric tonnes, Thadimexco exports its shrimp and other seafood products to Europe, Canada, Middle East, and Asia including Japan and South Korea.

Standard for responsible shrimp farming

The ASC Shrimp Standard for responsible aquaculture was handed over to the ASC in March this year. The standard was developed by a multi stakeholder group that included more than 400 producers, conservationists, government officials, academics and NGOs interested in social justice issues and protecting mangroves.

Currently, 12 shrimp farms in Ecuador and Vietnam have become certified against the shrimp standard. Another 21 farms have entered the ASC programme and are either awaiting the outcome of their audits or preparing to be assessed.

ASC labelled certified shrimp has been launched in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and France.

Published on
Wednesday, 10 December 2014
Confidental Infomation