Fish lovers can find out more about the ASC programme through a series of short films that take a look at ASC certified pangasius farming and explain what the ASC programme’s about.

The five short clips highlight the importance of responsible fish farming and show how ASC certified farms care for the environment, their employees and the local community.

The films explore, in particular, how the ASC’s certification programme is transforming pangasius farming in Vietnam, taking a closer look at how ASC certified farms care for the employees and local communities, and use resources such as feed and water efficiently.

Through ASC certification certified farms demonstrate that they are well managed and minimise any adverse environmental and social impacts. Simply by selecting fish with the ASC logo consumers can be certain that their purchase has been responsibly produced. And, this consumer preference is the incentive for other producers to reduce their environmental and social impacts as well.

Published on
Tuesday, 02 September 2014
Confidental Infomation