A project to help tilapia aquaculture in China operate in a more environmentally responsible way is a step closer to realising its vision.

By the end of June the first Chinese auditors received initial training to assess tilapia farms in China against the ASC Tilapia Standard. In addition, local farmers, processors, academics and consultants gained a better understanding of what needs to be done to tackle the major challenges facing tilapia farming in China.

The three-day auditor training, in Hǎikǒu in Hainan province, was the first activity with ASC’s partners in China: the China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance (CAPPMA) and WWF China. Along with this training was a special one-day session for stakeholders on how to implement the standard at farm level.

ASC Standards Director Bas Geerts said: “I am delighted this training is underway. This is a crucial step to support Chinese tilapia farmers in driving real improvement. There is much to do to address issues such as improving transparency in the supply chain and challenging farms to operate in a more environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner. Working together with our two partners, CAPPMA and WWF China, and other stakeholders we can begin to support the Chinese tilapia industry implementing these improvements.”

The project, Greening the Supply of Chinese Tilapia, is made possible by a grant of €1 million from the EU-China Environmental Governance Programme.

The two year project aims to improve the transparency of Chinese tilapia aquaculture production by increasing public access to detailed information on the tilapia supply chain; promoting sustainable production of Chinese tilapia by introducing ASC standards to China and supporting Chinese tilapia producers in achieving ASC Certification.

Published on
Wednesday, 26 June 2013
Confidental Infomation