Over 20 accredited auditors to assess farms against the ASC Standard for pangasius following the second Pangasius Auditor Training in Vietnam. Six more training sessions for others standards are planned before the end of the year. And, the final version of the Audit Manual for the Bivalves Standard enables a new training in October.

More than 60 auditors have successfully been trained on the ASC standards since the first course took place in September 2011. In total, 19 certification bodies are now accredited to carry out assessments against the ASC standards for seafood chain of custody. Three certifiers are also accredited to audit aquaculture farms.

Last week another successful auditor training on the ASC Pangasius Standard took place in Vietnam. “All participants showed great knowledge and expertise of both pangasius farming and correct auditing procedures,” said ASC Standards Coordinator Michiel Fransen. “Following this second training, more than 20 auditors are now trained to audit farms against the ASC Pangasius Standard.”

Six more auditor trainings in 2013

The number of valid auditors is expected to significantly increase with six auditor training sessions planned for the fourth quarter of this year:

Bivalves: 7 – 9 October, Stirling, UK.

Salmon: 10 – 12 October, Stirling, UK.

Freshwater Trout: 16 – 18 October, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Abalone: 18 – 20 November. Venue to be confirmed.

Shrimp: 2 – 4 December, Bangkok, Thailand.

Tilapia: 5 – 7 December, Bangkok, Thailand.

For more information about the trainings, please email certification@asc-aqua.org.

Published on
Monday, 07 October 2013
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