The Özpekler su Urunleri owned Karaçam Farm in Turkey has gained certification against the ASC trout standard for responsible aquaculture after assessment by independent certifier AGFOCERT.

”There are many reasons why we choose the ASC programme. Our ASC certification allows us to earn recognition for our work to protect the natural environment and biodiversity, and our policy to support our workers. The ASC standard is internationally accepted and we are glad to join a programme that supports responsible farm practices,” said Büşra Evgin Güngör, Quality Manager of Özpekler.

”The ASC standard has made a huge impact in terms of protecting our water resources and improving the standards of our production as well as the health and welfare of the fish. Responsible farming means preserving the ecosystem and the environment without compromising the quality of our products. Our goal for the future is to gain ASC certification for all our farms so we can ensure our operations meet the highest levels of aquaculture production.”

”We are delighted to congratulate Özpekler for their accomplishment of receiving their first ASC certification. The demand for seafood is increasing, and the ASC is pleased to see that also Turkish trout producers see the value of following responsible aquaculture standards,” said Esther Luiten, Senior Commercial Marketing Manager of the ASC.

Özpekler su Urunleri produces live, fresh, smoked and frozen trout, and exports its smoked trout fillets and frozen trout to Germany, Netherlands and Denmark. The company is also hoping to reach new markets with the help of the ASC certification.

ASC welcoming new countries

The ASC certification programme is expanding rapidly into new markets. Since the beginning of the year, the organisation has welcomed certified farms from five new countries including Germany, the United States, and South Africa.

ASC certified farms must follow strict requirements for responsible aquaculture and minimise negative impacts on the environment and local communities. The ASC trout standard’s social requirements are based on the core principles of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), which include the prohibition of forced and child labour. The farms also need to have regular consultation with surrounding communities and have a proper processing of complaints. ASC certified farms are rewarded and promoted for their efforts when the consumers choose responsibly produced seafood.

Published on
Tuesday, 05 July 2016
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