As any of us can testify, it’s one thing to make a well-considered environmentally and socially decision when leisurely shopping for seafood in the weekend. It’s quite another to run the gauntlet of the work week and still manage to get something on the table that tastes great, is good for you, and supports your ideals — all on a Wednesday.

A new range of frozen seafood options, available under the Iglo, Findus and Birds Eye brands, just made these weeknight dinner victories a whole lot easier in Europe.

“When good food decisions are made easier for regular families to follow through on, we all win,” says Esther Luiten, Commercial Director, Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC). “A key part of moving the world towards a more sustainable food system is creating better seafood options that fit the way we live now.”

A long-time champion of responsibly harvested wild fisheries, with numerous MSC-certified products across their brands, Nomad Foods (parent company of Iglo, Findus and Birds Eye) is extending their commitment to the environment with ASC-certified responsibly farmed products.

Nomad debuted two ASC-certified products, one trout and one arctic char, in Austria in spring of 2015. Now, they’re bringing more options to more markets with a greatly expanded line of ASC-certified favorites, like salmon, shrimp and basa — all of which can be kept on-hand in your freezer and cooked up quickly.

“Having easy-to-find options of responsibly farmed seafood, and from brands that are already part of so many people’s everyday lives, is a great boost for farmers, the environment, and the ever-growing number of consumers who want to be part of the solution,” Luiten adds.

So what’s for dinner?

Here at ASC, we know that aquaculture is where it’s at for responsible and sustainable food production that can feed growing global demand.

Nomad Foods knows that convenience is where it’s at for people juggling the demands of work and family schedules.

With frozen seafood, there’s really nothing simpler or faster. Cleaned, portioned and ready to go, you’re just a few minutes away from a #weeknightwin. Here’s what you can find in your country:

  • Spain, Netherlands and Sweden — Findus ASC Atlantic salmon fillet, portioned and ready to cook up in minutes
  • Germany — Iglo ASC Atlantic salmon portions ready to bake, broil or pan fry in no time at all
  • Portugal — Iglo ASC shrimp, which cooks up in the time it takes to set the table
  • UK and Ireland — Birds Eye, the first and famous UK seafood brand offering ASC certified seafood, basa fillets in a sea salt and malt vinegar batter, oven-ready
  • Austria — Iglo ASC trout and ASC arctic char, available since 2015
Published on
Friday, 27 October 2017
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