COSTA supports the Aquaculture Stewardship Council

Posted on June 30th 2010

In a press release issued this week Egbert Zimmermann, Managing Director of COSTA states: “As one of the prime seafood companies in Germany we consider the activities of the ASC…

bofrost* supports and promotes the ASC standards

Posted on June 17th 2010

Bofrost*, the European market leader in the direct sales of ice-cream and deep-frozen specialities in 12 European countries, today issued a statement of support for the ASC in which they…

Dr Philip Smith at AquaVision 2010: the added value of sustainability

Posted on May 19th 2010

At the aquaculture business conference AquaVision – which will be held in Stavanger, June 7-9, 2010 – Dr Philip Smith, CEO of the ASC, will speak about ‘Added value with…

Creating Salmon Aquaculture Standards enters final stage

Posted on May 16th 2010

The final standards will address the key negative environmental and social impacts associated with salmon farming and allow for the economic viability of the industry, which produces more than 60…

Director of Standards Hired. Aquaculture Dialogue Standards handed over

Posted on April 30th 2010

The hiring of Geerts marks the end of the development phase of the ASC, overseen by Dr. Philip Smith, and the beginning of the operational phase. Geerts, who will begin…

The ASC presents its new visual identity in Brussels

Posted on April 27th 2010

On April 27, the ASC presents its new visual identity at the European Seafood Exposition. The ASC – founded by WWF and IDH (Dutch Sustainable Trade Initiative) – is proud…

Global shrimp and abalone aquaculture standards released for public comment

Posted on March 2nd 2010

On March 1, 2010, the Aquaculture Dialogue standards designed to minimise the potentially negative impact shrimp and abalone aquaculture can have on the environment, farm workers and communities near aquaculture…

Pangasius standards close to finalisation

Posted on December 21st 2009

WWF Press Release: The sustainable standards for farmed pangasius are close to finalisation. December 2009 the last round for public comment started and in the spring of 2010 the standards…

Tilapia standards finalised world’s first

Posted on December 17th 2009

WWF Press Statement: Global standards for tilapia farming have been finalised. They represent the first set of completed standards produced through the Aquaculture Dialogues, a series of roundtables coordinated by…

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