ASC Launches Consultation on Major Project to Expand Supply Chain Assurances

Posted on March 8th 2021

ASC has today (8 March) launched a consultation on a major project to expand its Chain of Custody requirements to strengthen its supply chain assurances to buyers and consumers and…

Australis First in World to Achieve Tropical Marine Finfish ASC Certification

Posted on March 1st 2021

Barramundi producer Australis Aquaculture, LLC has become the world’s first producer to achieve certification against the ASC’s Tropical Marine Finfish (TMFF) Standard for its ocean-based farm in Central Vietnam. The…

ASC and Vitapro Reveal New Agreement to Help Latin American Shrimp Farmers

Posted on February 18th 2021

ASC has joined forces with feed producer Vitapro to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to work together to encourage responsible practices in the Latin American shrimp farming industry. The agreement…

First Finfish Farm in United States Achieves ASC Certification

Posted on February 8th 2021

Blue Ocean Mariculture has become the first ASC certified finfish farm in the US after achieving certification against the ASC Seriola and Cobia Standard at its Hawaii farm. Blue Ocean…

Spanish Chain UDON Certifies Restaurant to Serve ASC Salmon

Posted on February 4th 2021

Spanish restaurant chain UDON has demonstrated its commitment to responsible seafood by certifying its 65 restaurants to serve ASC certified salmon. UDON is a nationwide chain of restaurants that has…

Veramaris Becomes First ASC-MSC Certified Microalgae Producer For Feed

Posted on January 19th 2021

Veramaris® has become the first microalgae oil producer for feed to achieve certification to the joint ASC-MSC Seaweed (Algae) Standard. The company responsibly and sustainably produces EPA & DHA Omega-3…

Thailand Project Uses Technology to Help Farmers Preparing for ASC Certification

Posted on January 12th 2021

A new project aiming to make the ASC programme more accessible and affordable to farmers is underway with help from shrimp producers Thai Union and Okeanos, who are testing the…

ASC Festive Opening Times

Posted on December 17th 2020

Dear Friends, As we approach the festive season we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in moving the aquaculture sector towards environmental and social…

New Variance Request Process Increasing Stakeholder Input Goes Live

Posted on December 15th 2020

ASC’s new Variance Requests (VR) process, which gives greater opportunity for stakeholders such as local communities and NGOs to contribute to decisions on local variances to ASC standards, has now…

First kelp and hiziki seaweed farms achieve ASC-MSC certification

Posted on November 9th 2020

Eleven farms in South Korea celebrated becoming the first kelp and hiziki producers to achieve ASC-MSC Seaweed certification at a certification ceremony in Korea last week during the 2020 Busan…

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