WWF Press Release: The sustainable standards for farmed pangasius are close to finalisation. December 2009 the last round for public comment started and in the spring of 2010 the standards will be finalised.

The Pangasius Aquaculture Dialogue standards describe rules and regulations on social and environmental issues for pangasius farmers. These include (amongst others) rules for sustainable water management, use of antibiotics, feed and labour conditions.

The standard setting for pangasius started in 2007 and was initiated and facilitated by WWF as one of twelve species for which Aquaculture Dialogue standards are formulated. The Pangasius Aquaculture Dialogue (PAD) includes over 400 producers, conservationists, government officials, academics and others interested in pangasius farming. This last round for public comment is open to all stakeholders.

We welcome feedback because we know that tapping into the experiences and expertise of a broad and diverse group of people will make the standards more robust’ says Dr. Flavio Corsin of WWF, who coordinates the PAD. ‘I am confident that, because of the open and transparent process we use, the final standards will help transform the pangasius farming industry’.

The Pangasius Aquaculture Dialogue (PAD) standards are the second of twelve sets of standards for sustainably farmed fish that are scheduled to be finalised between now and December 2010 and will address key issues concerning the impact of aquaculture on social and environmental issues.

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Monday, 21 December 2009
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