Spanish restaurant chain UDON has demonstrated its commitment to responsible seafood by certifying its 65 restaurants to serve ASC certified salmon.

UDON is a nationwide chain of restaurants that has been serving Asian cuisine since 2004, with a passion for preparing dishes that combine health and flavour. But it was their passion for the environment which was the motivation for applying for ASC certification.

The restaurant chain has achieved Chain of Custody (CoC) certification, which is a requirement for any business that is selling or preparing ASC certified seafood. CoC certification is only awarded to companies that have demonstrated they can ensure that only certified products are sold as certified to consumers. Every company in the supply chain must have CoC certification, and this ensures traceability and trust from farm to fork.

Jordi Vidal, co-founder of UDON Asian Food, said: “UDON’s commitment to the environment is our great challenge: to offer the best Asian food and to do it with the minimum impact on the planet.”

Jordi Pascual is the other co-founder of UDON, and he added: “We have already implemented measures such as eliminating plastic, prioritizing green energy, or focusing on animal welfare and local and ecological products. But we will not stop moving forward, as our goal is to be leaders in sustainability in the sector. ”

Marcos Moya, Market Development Manager for ASC said: “This is a great achievement for UDON and it’s great news for people who love to treat themselves to seafood when they eat out but also want to encourage responsible production.

“Buying ASC certified seafood means you are rewarding farmers who are minimising their environmental and social impacts, and this will hopefully encourage others to follow suit.”

As well as requiring farmers to minimise their environmental impacts, all of ASC’s standards also require that they are socially responsible: this includes paying and treating workers fairly, and acting considerately towards neighbours.

Published on
Thursday, 04 February 2021
Confidental Infomation