The ASC label isn’t only found on food products, thanks to the many and varied uses of responsibly produced fish.

This was further highlighted this weekend with the launch of a new skincare supplement in Sweden which is the world’s first ASC certified collagen product.

Launched by Inekogruppen at an annual event for the LIFE Europe health food store chain in Sweden under the brandname NORDBO Kollagen, the product will go on sale in Life stores, the biggest health food chain in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The product will also be sold at the health food chain Hälsokraft,, Åhléns Lifestyle Stores, and the beauty store

The supplement contains collagen, which promotes healthy skin, hair and nails. The collagen is sourced from ASC certified pangasius and co-developed by the Danish company Engredo ApS. The collagen is derived from the skin of the fish which is removed as a by-product of the filleting process. The skin is processed at the same facility, before being processed further into the finished collagen product by Engredo and sold as NORDBO Kollagen by Inekogruppen.

“We are very happy to have obtained our ASC chain of custody certification, finalizing full supply chain sustainability and traceability,” said Henrik Uth, Director at Engredo ApS. “This means everything is certified, from farming and processing of single source, ASC certified pangasius by our partner Vinh Hoan to the final product on the shelf – five gram sachets of the worlds’ first ASC certified finished collagen product.”

Henrik Uth, Director at Engredo ApS, presenting the new Kollagen product at the Life stores annual event




“The NORDBO Kollagen product is our most exciting launch yet and the perfect addition to our ASC-certified Danish trout fish oil product,” said Emil Andersson, Director of Product Development at Inekogruppen. “Scandinavian consumers are very aware and looking for responsibly-sourced options in all categories. That’s why we are so proud to provide an option that we think is the most sustainable as well as the purest.”

“The variety of ASC certified products is increasing all of the time, which is good news for consumers who want to promote responsible fish farming with as many of their purchases as possible,” said Inger Melander, ASC Commercial Marketing Manager, Northern Europe. “It’s also great to see products like this taking advantage of the many different uses of farmed fish and ensuring that the by-products don’t go to waste.”

The new product follows the launch of the world’s first ASC certified fish oil supplement (NORDBO Omega-3) by Inekogruppen, in Sweden earlier this year.

Published on
Friday, 27 September 2019
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