Genevieve Hayward on Aqua Culture

07 FAQs in Aquaculture

Posted on July 14th 2020

In this episode, Contessa Kellogg-Winters and Genevieve Hayward from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) address some of the questions that they are most frequently asked regarding their work, the world…

Sophie Ryan on Aqua Culture

06 Sophie Ryan – Global Salmon Initiative

Posted on May 26th 2020

Contessa Kellogg-Winters of the ASC talks to Sophie Ryan, CEO of the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI). The GSI is a collection of salmon farming companies from around the world who…

Wayne Di Bartolo on Aqua Culture

05 Wayne Di Bartolo – How Aquaculture can Give Back to the Community

Posted on April 21st 2020

Today, the ASC’s Genevieve Hayward talks to Wayne Di Bartolo about how aquaculture businesses can contribute to the communities in which they are based. Wayne works for Pacific Reef Fisheries,…

Malcolm Dickson on Aqua Culture

04 Dr. Malcolm Dickson – The Quiet Revolution in Bangladesh

Posted on March 30th 2020

Tune in for a conversation with Dr. Malcolm Dickson about the quiet aquaculture revolution in Bangladesh. Dr. Dickson is an aquaculture consultant based in Stirling, Scotland. In this episode, you’ll…

Fish Welfare - Aqua Culture - Episode Art

03 Fish Welfare – Theory and Practice

Posted on February 25th 2020

In this episode, you’ll take a tour of a Scottish salmon farm owned by Mowi Scotland. You’ll learn about how Mowi is taking steps to keep their fish happy and…

Aquaponics with Antonio Paladino - Aqua Culture

02 Antonio Paladino – Aquaponics in Action

Posted on January 29th 2020

In this episode, you’ll take a tour with chef Antonio Paladino around his aquaponic farm, Bioaqua. Antonio’s interest in aquaponics first began as a quest for quality ingredients, but grew…

01 Barton Seaver – How to Pave the Way for a Future of Delicious, Sustainable Seafood

Posted on October 8th 2018

Welcome to the first episode of Aquaculture Stewardship Council Podcast, Aqua Culture.   Our first guest on the show is Barton Seaver, an author, speaker, chef and well-known figure in sustainability and the…

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