At ASC regular review and development of Standards and the certification programme ensure we stay relevant and effective. We review issues raised by stakeholders and work with experts to develop revisions and innovative new tools for our programme.

This process is guided by ASC’s Standard-Setting Procedure which is in line with the ISEAL Standard Setting Code. Where specific metrics need to be defined the ASC Metrics Methodology is also used. Technical Working Groups, overseen by ASC’s Technical Advisory Group support this process ensuring proposals are evidence-based and will work in practice. All stakeholders are then invited to contribute their knowledge and expertise. ASC strives for best-practice and as a full member of the ISEAL Alliance uses guidelines to ensure the process is credible and inclusive.

Public consultations

ASC’s global scope means we need help to ensure our Standards and certification programme improvements will work in all regions, for all types of farm. ASC includes public consultations on all key development projects, working hard to make sure we hear from producers large and small, NGOs, retailers, relevant academics globally and other relevant stakeholders.

Find out how you can contribute to improving the ASC programme today by exploring our standards in development, review and revision.

Development, reviews and revisions

Improver programme

ASC has developed the Improver Programme with the goal to make our programme more accessible. We want to ensure that our Standards are better understood by producers to help them meet the requirements, thereby driving change in aquaculture.

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