To learn more about the requirements for Energy and Greenhouse Gasses, watch the presentation narrated by Katherine Dolmage, Standards & Science Senior Research Coordinator.



Read the Principle 2 draft here

If you want to read more about the specific indicators/requirements regarding this topic [Criterion 2.11: Using Energy Efficiently] and other information relating to the ‘Alignment’ and draft ASC Farm Standard (including specific questions part of the Stakeholder Survey), please click here.

These issues are also currently addressed within the existing ASC species Standards: all of ASC’s 11-species Standards can be found here.

Why is this an issue?

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are a significant driver of climate change and ocean acidification, which represent substantial environmental challenges. GHG emissions result from the production and combustion of some forms of energy, with substantial additional anthropogenic GHG emissions arising from a range of biogenic processes and land use activities, many of which support aquaculture.

It is thus necessary to improve efficiency and reduce the use of industrial energy sources, particularly those that are limited and/or carbon-based as well as all other sources of GHG emissions that result from on farm and supporting activities. In order to drive improvements, both farms and the ASC need to understand and record the GHG emissions related to aquaculture practices.

This is why the proposed ASC Farm Standard aims to ensure that the farm makes efforts towards energy efficient and sustainable energy use to reduce their GHG emissions, both on-farm and in the feed they use.

Contact person: Robert Parker

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