The ASC Farm Standards Comparison Tool compares the proposed ASC Farm Standard against ASC’s eleven species standards.

The tool is organised by Farm Standard criteria across Principles 1, 2 and 3. Species standard icons and colour coding are used to indicate which Farm Standard indicators are “not new”, “new” or “not applicable” to the requirements under the species standards. Hovering over icons will display the current species standard version and, if applicable, the corresponding indicator from that standard. 

For all information on the alignment project and the consultation process that runs March 1st to April 30th 2022, visit the project website. All consultation documents can be found here. 

Dropdown menus allow the user to filter the tool by a single aligned Farm Standard criterion and/or by species group. Selecting a specific criterion and/or species group will alter the display’s output. Criteria where indicators are developing may not be represented in the tool.  

DISCLAIMER: The ASC Farm Standards Comparison Tool provides an indication of alignment from the current species-specific Farm Standards to the new ASC Farm Standard. Given the changes across the Farm Standard and development of the Risk Management Framework, not all current ASC requirements may be listed here, and that should not be interpreted as the removal of any requirements. The ASC Farm Standard draft should be consulted for a full understanding of requirements and applicability. ASC is working on improving this tool. Should you encounter inconsistencies or have any questions, please contact us via

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