Review: Certification and Accreditation Requirements (CAR)


August 2020 Update – CAR V2.3 & RUoC Public Consultation

Two new normative documents are being published for a 60-day public consultation (August 3 – October 3, 2020 / Currently Closed). The ASC CAR v2.3 and the ASC Requirements for Units of Certification (RUoC) unveil a new structure that follows the certification process from application to certification decision and subsequent surveillance and certification updates.

Contact person: Efrain Calderon, Head of Certification Assurance Team

The main areas of change in the CAR v2.3 are: a new structure following the certification process, inclusion of Q&A and Variance Requests (VRs), new areas to strengthen assurance (e.g. sampling & testing, traceability evaluation, remote auditing, unannounced audits, Non conformity reporting by clients, critical non conformities, due diligence), reporting requirements, changes from ‘working days’ to ‘calendar days’ etc.

The new ASC RUoC is being created with a structure similar to the amended CAR (also following the certification process) to facilitate better understanding on the applicant/certificate holder side on how to comply with the requirements related to the certification process.

ASC encourages interested stakeholders to read the documents (scroll down… see below) and provide comments, notably on a series of six (6) questions. Following the public consultation, ASC will collate all the feedback and prepare a synopsis of feedback received for publication on the ASC website.

For further information:

  • Watch the webinar narrated by Efrain Calderon, Head of Certification Assurance Team:


It is anticipated that the ASC CAR v 2.3 and ASC RUoC will become effective and mandatory from March 2022 onwards.




Previously (March 14-May 14, 2019), ASC had taken steps to strengthen the assurance system for social audits with additions to the Certification and Accreditation Requirements (CAR) with notably the inclusion of a new Social Audit Methodology (SAM).

Those proposed 2019 updates to the CAR were to be considered by first reading the Social Auditing  Methodology narrative and then reviewing Annex F – Templates for social auditing and ASC Social Risk Assessment Calculator.

Click here to read the Summary of Public Consultation Feedback on ASC Social Audit Methodology.

[Page last updated 08.10.2020]

Consultation period I

March 14 - May 14, 2019
Status: Closed

CAR v2.2 & SAM Documents


Received feedback

Feedback on the proposed updates to the social audit requirements can be submitted in the following manner:


Webinars on the Social Auditing Methodology for the CAR will take place on the following time and date:

  • 2 May 2019, 14:00 CET

Registration for one of the webinars above can be done by sending an email to please include in your email:

  1. 1. First name
  2. 2. Family name
  3. 3. Company/organization
  4. 4. Email address

Dial-in information will be shared upon registration.

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