The objective of this project is the development of certification requirements for Feed Mills (i.e. the UoC) who will be implementing the ASC Feed Standard and accreditation requirements for the Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) providing certification services.

These requirements are included in the following two documents which were published for a 60-day public consultation (1st September – 31st October 2021). 

Both documents are normative and the separation of requirements for CABs and UoC’s will allow clearer communication and comprehension of specific requirements for each entity. Go here to access the full proposed requirements.

To learn more, watch the presentations on Feed CAR & RUoC and Mass Balance and Segregation Production Models narrated by Jennifer Glancy – ASC Programme Assurance Manager.




Feed CAR & RUoC

The ASC Feed CAR v1.0 and the ASC Feed RUoC v1.0 are structured to follow the certification process from application to certification decision and subsequent surveillance and certification updates. The ASC Feed CAR uses the existing farm CAR and RUoC as a base, with all applicable requirements transposed directly (e.g. accreditation requirements, stakeholder consultation, social assessment methodology, findings management and reporting timelines). The Feed CAR and RUoC diverge only where necessary to implement the specific ASC Feed Standard requirements. 

The main differences are the following developments needed to support audits against the Feed Standard include: 

Processes and preparation requirements: 

  • Competency requirements for those conducting Due Diligence using Pathway 2: Sector Assessment or Pathway 3: Ingredient Manufacturer Assessment. 
  • Ingredient approval process
  • Mass Balance and Segregation Production Models and associated requirements 

Public consultation and next steps 

The ASC Feed CAR V1.0 and ASC Feed RUoC v1.0 underwent public consultation for 60 days from September 1st 2021 to October 31st 2021.   

ASC will make any appropriate modifications based on feedback received during the consultation process. Upon approval, the ASC Feed CAR and RUoC documents will be released at the end of Q1 2022 at which time the CAB Accreditation process can begin and feed mills can begin to implement the requirements of the Feed RUoC document. 

A 6-month implementation timeframe for these new requirements will be provided to CAB’s and Applicant feed mills. The ASC Feed CAR and ASC Feed RUoC will become effective from end Q3/Q4 2022. During this transitory timeframe ASC will provide training to the CABs and workshops to the applicant feed mills to guide the implementation of requirements. 

Contact person: Jennifer Glancy – ASC Programme Assurance Manager


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