Open now: Public Consultation

1 September – 31 October 2021: 60-day Public Consultation on the proposed ASC Feed CAR and RUoC.

The ASC is committed to public consultations of new programme requirements to ensure final proposals reflect input from those most affected stakeholders. The current consultation is seeking feedback on two important documents, ASC Feed Certification and Accreditation Requirements (CAR) v0.1 and ASC Feed Certification Requirements for Unit of Certification (RUoC) v0.1, which will accompany the recently published ASC Feed Standard. The documents will be used by CABs and Feed Mills but may also be of interest to other stakeholder groups with an interest in ASC feed programme assurance and credibility. We welcome all comments that help us ensure the requirements are auditable, effective and relevant to all feed mills seeking to supply ASC compliant feed.

The links below include the full proposed requirements and a consultation survey.

To learn more, watch the presentations on Feed CAR & RUoC and Mass Balance and Segregation Production Models narrated by Jennifer Glancy – ASC Programme Assurance Manager.



Provide feedback

We welcome your participation and feedback by completing the survey:

Go to survey

In addition, two Feedback Templates in the form of excel spreadsheets for the Feed CAR and RUoC have been prepared to show new feed specific requirements and to collect feedback.

Register for Q & A session

We invite you to take part in the ASC Consultation Q & A session on the ASC Feed CAR & RUoC scheduled for 16 September:

  • Thursday, 16 September, 10:00 AM CEST
  • Thursday, 16 September, 5:00 PM CEST

Please click here to register for the event.

Please add any questions you would like to cover in the ASC Feed CAR & RUoC stakeholder Q and A session in the Public Consultation – Stakeholder questions document.

Feed CAR & RUoC

The ASC Feed CAR v1.0 and the ASC Feed RUoC v1.0 are structured to follow the certification process from application to certification decision and subsequent surveillance and certification updates. The ASC Feed CAR uses the existing farm CAR and RUoC as a base, with all applicable requirements transposed directly (e.g. accreditation requirements, stakeholder consultation, social assessment methodology, findings management and reporting timelines). The Feed CAR and RUoC diverge only where necessary to implement the specific ASC Feed Standard requirements.

The main differences are the following developments needed to support audits against the Feed Standard:

  • Mass Balance and Segregation Production Models and associated requirements
  • Due Diligence processes and preparation requirements
  • Ingredient approval process
  • Competency requirements for those conducting Due Diligence using Pathway 2: Sector Assessment or Pathway 3: Ingredient Manufacturer Assessment.

Public consultation and next steps

The ASC Feed CAR V1.0 and ASC Feed RUoC v1.0 will be open for public consultation for 60 days from September 1st 2021 to October 31st 2021. Following the public consultation, ASC will collate all the feedback and prepare a synopsis of feedback received for publication on the ASC website. All the participants will be notified when this publication is made available.

ASC will make any appropriate modifications for review and decision by ASC’s Governance bodies. Upon approval, the ASC Feed CAR and RUoC documents will be released at the end of Q1 2022 at which time the CAB Accreditation process can begin and feed mills can begin to implement the requirements of the Feed RUoC document.

A 6-month implementation timeframe for these new requirements will be provided to CAB’s and Applicant feed mills. The ASC Feed CAR and ASC Feed RUoC will become effective from end Q3/Q4 2022. During this transitory timeframe ASC will provide training to the CABs and workshops to the applicant feed mills to guide the implementation of requirements.

Contact person: Jennifer Glancy – ASC Programme Assurance Manager


More information


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Consultation period:

1 September to 31 October 2021
Status: Open

Public consultation - OPEN


Feedback templates

Instructions: How to provide your feedback

Stakeholders can submit comments using the CAR and the RUoC Feedback templates (downloadable above), or via our survey.

The text in the two Feedback templates is colour coded to differentiate between existing text, new requirements, and requirements where feedback is sought:

  • Black text relates to existing CAR text.
  • Purple text indicates new feed specific requirement.
  • Orange text refers to requirements where specific feedback is sought in public consultation to determine whether to include in ASC requirements.

For your convenience, cells where feedback is invited are highlighted in green in the Feedback template.

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