The ASC Fish Welfare project aims to identify key impacts of aquaculture on farmed aquatic animal welfare and develop new best practice indicators for ASC’s Farm Standard.

Open now: Public Consultation

1 September – 31 October 2021: 60-day Public Consultation on proposals from the ASC Fish Welfare project.

The ASC is committed to public consultations of new programme requirements to ensure final proposals consider input from affected stakeholders. The current consultation seeks feedback on Recommendations for Revised ASC Indicators on Fish Welfare.

To learn more, watch the presentation narrated by Janneke Aelen – Standards Coordinator, Standards & Science.


Provide feedback

We welcome your participation and feedback by completing the appropriate survey below.

Producer, retailer and brand surveys include questions to gather specific information to help improve recommendations and understand impacts. Producers, retailers and brands can also complete the All stakeholder survey to answer general questions on the recommendations.

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Register for Q & A session

We invite you to take part in one of the ASC Consultation Q & A sessions on the ASC Fish Welfare proposals scheduled for:

  • Tuesday, 7 September, 10:00 AM CEST
  • Tuesday, 7 September, 5 PM CEST
  • Monday 11 October 10am CEST
  • Monday 11 October 5pm CEST

Please click here to register for the event.

Please add any questions you would like to cover in the ASC Fish Welfare stakeholder Q and A session in the Public Consultation – Stakeholder questions document.

ASC Project: Fish Welfare

Animal – including farmed aquatic animal – welfare is increasingly considered as a key factor in defining ‘responsible’ production and determining the social acceptability of an animal production system. The quality of products coming from these systems are increasingly being judged on this.

The main objective of this ASC work is to expand the current indicators on fish welfare in ASC’s existing standards to a more comprehensive set of best practice indicators across all species currently within scope of ASC’s Standards. This will use extensive recent research in this area and expertise from across relevant sectors. It is foreseen that the indicators developed as a result of the ASC’s Fish Welfare project will be embedded within the aligned ASC Farm Standard currently in development.

ASC launched this ‘Fish Welfare’ project with an initial Public Consultation in 2019 (September 20-October 20, 2019). A second consultation is taking place in September and October 2021, seeking feedback on the initial recommended approaches developed by the Technical Working Group (TWG) as well as seeking targeted practical and technical input from producers and retailers. Currently, the Animal Welfare TWG is developing content on some additional fish welfare issues and will consider consultation feedback and revise proposals accordingly. In September and October 2022, the full set of draft fish welfare indicators will go through a final round of consultation.

Contact person: Janneke Aelen – Standards Coordinator, Standards & Science


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