The ASC Improver Programme (ASC IP) has been developed to support the ASC vision and mission. This programme is designed specifically to support improvement in farms that cannot currently achieve certification or do not wish to seek certification but simply improve their performance or practices.

The ASC standards set principles, criteria, indicators, and measurable performance levels for environmentally and socially responsible aquaculture. However, producers carry the responsibility to implement these standards at their farms, where smaller operations may have financial or technical constraints. The ASC IP helps bridge this gap by increasing accessibility to the ASC certification or to improve aquaculture to more responsible practices at these small or less technical operations. 

The ASC IP is comprised of a set of procedures and tools to ensure that ASC standards or best practice improvements are consistently and effectively implemented by the producers.

The ASC-Improver Programme aims to provide:

  • A precompetitive framework for measuring performance and progress of aquaculture producers in a transparent and credible way.
  • Timebound objectives and have independent verification of progress to create a level playing field for the industry to engage with their supply chain and improve the sustainability performance of aquaculture producers.

An opportunity to partner with likeminded organizations to build capacity on the ground, streamline assessments and information sharing and address complex challenges at landscape level to drive meaningful change.

How it works

The programme is developed for producers who are not yet ASC certified but want to show that they are improving their performance, using the tools and systems that ASC has designed to create a credible pathway for improvement.

Producers can choose two tracks for their Aquaculture Improvement Project (AIP):

  • AIP to ASC certification: This track is aimed at defining a plan of 4 phases to improve performance to a level where the producer is certifiable by the end of the AIP.
  • AIP to Better Practices: This second track is designed to facilitate producers who wish to not become certified but want to improve responsible practices in specific environmental or social areas.

Both tracks share a list of requirements against which progress needs to be reported; the certification track has an additional set of requirements to prepare the producer for ASC certification. Participation in the programme is voluntary but requires adherence to strict procedures as laid out in the ASC IP requirements. These requirements are the rulebook for what ASC deems to be critical ingredients for a credible AIP, allowing the producer to show meaningful and measurable change in a transparent manner.

Participation in the programme provides access to ASC trained and qualified implementers, appointed by the AIP, listed on the ASC website and access to ASC trained and qualified verifiers, appointed by ASC, independent from the AIP.

The ASC IP provides benefits for Producers, Suppliers/Retailers, Consultants, NGOs.

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