We provide auditor training on our standards. Participation and successful completion of the course is a mandatory requirement of the ASC accreditation process.

ASC Auditor Training Calendar 2021

Due to the travel restrictions caused by the COVID pandemic, the ASC will offer only online training during 2021. This training will offer self-study material for the participants preparation and a webinar to clarify questions. The participants need to pass an online exam in a set date. The language of the training material, webinar and exam is in English.

This training is exclusive for auditors with a link with one of our accredited CABs. Producers, consultants and other professionals unfortunately cannot join the training. 

CAR (Certification and Accreditation Requirements) training is mandatory for all participants that haven’t passed it before. The CAR training has to be completed before the standard exam.

Auditor Training Calendar- Second Half 2021

Marine Cage

  • Material published 27  September
  • Webinars 2-3-4 November
  • Exam 15-16 November

Registration Deadline: 15 October


  • Material Published 4 October
  • Webinars 9-10-11 November
  • Exam 17-18 November

Registration Deadline: 2 2October

Abalone/ Bivalves

  • Material Published 22 October
  • Webinar 26 November
  • Exam 2 or 3 December

Registration Deadline: 12 November


  • All participants need to pass the Certification and Accreditation Requirements training once.
  • The participants need to choose one exam date. The exams dates cannot be changed.
  • The training will have 3 mandatory evaluation activities
  1. Aquaculture Knowledge Exam– Closed book exam
  2. Class Assignment using farm records
  3. Exam – Open book exam

How to register

The training is only available for auditors that have a link with one of our accredited CABs.
To register, please ask your scheme manager to add you on MyASC.

Fees: 650 euros per participant per course.

If you have questions, please send an email to training@asc-aqua.org

Please note:

  • Attendance of the complete training is mandatory for auditors who will conduct ASC audits.
  • Auditors have to pass an exam on the set date of the training. No date changes on the exam date are allowed.
  • The ASC standard training is just one of the requirements in order to be able to conduct ASC audits. Please, check our CAR for more information.
  • There is a new equivalence training system in place. Check here to know more about it.
  • The Auditor training is exclusive for auditors with a link with one of our accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs)

For further enquiries, please contact training@asc-aqua.org

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