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This is the platform for exploring ASC Geographical Information System (GIS) data, discovering apps, and engaging others to solve important issues. You can analyse and combine datasets using maps, as well as develop your own data and download it with the help of GIS applications. Let’s achieve our goals together!

Our GIS portal provides simple access to information and tools for you to collect data and help you understand our data. We recommend exploring the resources below before working with the GIS app to understand the specific goals and initiatives that ASC is achieving with GIS.

Please be aware that all GIS data submissions adhere to a 5 working day validation period. If the submission do not adhere to our Quality Assurance protocol, you will be notified within 8 working days with remedies to this error.


The Online Data Submission feature is currently under maintenance. For data submissions, please email your documents/files to us at Data@asc-aqua.org

Online Farm Mapping Tool

Show us the exact location of your farm by drawing it on the map! Auditors can use this app to verify farm locations


Who is the Online Farm Mapping Tool for?

ASC has always been proud of its unprecedented transparency ethos. The Online Farm Mapping Tool will strengthen transparency by having farmers directly put their exact farm location on the map. In addition to that, auditors can use the tool to verify farms’ locations. The accuracy provided by the combination of these aspects means that we can start analysing spatial characteristics for the entire farm portfolio of ASC.

Where does the data come from?

The external data layers that are visible in the Online Farm Mapping Tool have been acquired based on the following characteristics: Their function, coverage, resolution, date of content, frequency of updates, and source. These are different for each data layer. Please have a look at the data behind the layers on our Meta data page.

Will my drawings be visible on the map?

No, the Online Farm Mapping Tool allows a user to draw on the map, and download that same drawing as a file. This is all done separately from the base map, which means that the drawing made by one user will not be visible to other users, unless a downloaded file is deliberately sent by one user to another.

Who do I contact when my information on the map is not correct?

When the information or location of your farm is not correctly displayed on the map, please send an email to data@asc-aqua.org. It is not possible for users to edit the data themselves.

What are the terms of use for the Online Farm Mapping Tool?

Please see our Terms of Use document.

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