Welcome to the ASC’s centralised spatial data hub. Here, we provide multiple platforms from which you can view, access, and explore the geographic data related to the ASC and our activities, as well as platforms for our stakeholders to verify and submit their own data.

Feel free to dive into our datasets and see our impacts around the world with our Online Farm Mapping tool. Here you can explore our locations around the globe, and how they interact with the world around them.


Have coordinates to verify? Applicants can verify their point coordinates before submission using our new Coordinate Capture Tool.


Have a farm to capture? Use our new ASC GIS Data Form v1.2 to capture and submit your farms polygon boundary quickly and easily.

Please be aware that all GIS data submissions adhere to a 5 working day validation period. If the submission do not adhere to our Quality Assurance protocol, you will be notified within 8 working days with remedies to this error.

Online Farm Mapping Tool

Show us the exact location of your farm by drawing it on the map! Auditors can use this app to verify farm locations


Why is there a new Data Submission Form v1.2?

Since the commencement of the ASC GIS Programme in 2019, the organisation and its needs have grown considerably. Increases in the numbers of stakeholders who apply for ASC Certification and the scaling up of our own processes have led to the need for a more intuitive and streamlined workflow to better process the amount of applications we receive and improve the quality of those applications. We also sought to improve the overall experience for our end users – UoCs who send their data, the CABs who verify this data, and the ASC who manages this data. Based on these emrging needs and following a testing period with stakeholders, ASC is please to provide this new ASC GIS Data Form v1.2.

What will happen to the previous Online Farm Mapping Tool?

The previous Online Farm Mapping Tool will be kept as a legacy service to provide a backup  during maintenence periodsfor the new ASC GIS Data Form v1.2 in the future. ASC will also maintain the Online Farm Mapping Tool  as a tool for the general public to explore ASC certified farms around the world. The legacy tool will be phased out eventually in 2023, and the exploration tool will be replaced with a more modern interactive tool.

Does the ASC Geospatial Platform only use ASC data?

The ASC Geospatial platform aims to be as data agnostic as possible. We scout for the best, most authorotative and relevant datasets to be used on our platform and in our tools. The external data layers that are visible in the Online Farm Mapping Tool have been acquired based  upon criteria such as applicabilty to aquaculture, coverage and extent, resolution accuracy, date of authorship, frequency of updates, and source. These data characteristics vary for each data layer. Please have a look at the data behind the layers on our Meta data page.

What data of mine will be visible on the map?

Only the point location and general characteristics of the certified farm will be visible to the general public. Any polygon boundary datasets will not be accessible to anyone outside of the ASC organisation, and to a UoC’s Conformaity Assessment Body (CABs).

Who do I contact when my information on the map is not correct?

If the information or location of your farm is not correctly displayed on the map, please send an email to data@asc-aqua.org. It is not possible for users to edit the data themselves. As the ASC believe it is easier to submit confident data than it is to ammend incorrect data, please ensure all attribute information is correctly submitted to our platforms, and that your geographic data has been checked using the ASC’s Coordinate Collector Application.

What are the terms of use for the Online Farm Mapping Tool?

Please see our Terms of Use document.

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