We are delighted to announce that our partner, Sainsbury’s fresh salmon range is now 100% ASC certified. They are the first retailer in the UK to make a commitment to the environment in this way, which is a hugely promising step forward for sustainable seafood.

We believe that if all fish eaters make the choice to buy more ASC certified seafood we can change global food systems for the better. And whilst we’re feeling good about making things better for the planet – what about for the people too?

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) is the world’s leading certification scheme for farmed seafood and the ASC label only appears on food from farms that have been independently assessed and certified as being environmentally and socially responsible. ASC labelled fish is a responsibly sound choice and now thanks to Sainsbury’s more of us will be able to make that choice.

Salmon is a healthy food choice:

  • Rich Source of Micronutrients such as Vitamin D and Zinc
  • It’s a good source of protein – helps the body heal and repair
  • Its rich astaxanthin content – can reduce the signs of aging and protect against UV damage.

Wow super salmon!

Some experts say we should be eating at least 2 portions of seafood protein per week.

So if you need some inspiration to help you make those 2 sensational seafood dishes each week – then take a look at these recipes:

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Now, thanks to Sainsbury’s commitment to stock 100% ASC certified seafood, it’s easier than ever to support responsible farming next time you’re in the supermarket. If enough of us do that, it’s powerful enough to change global food systems for the better.

100% of Sainsbury's fresh salmon range is now ASC certified

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